As a young man I was busily heading in a completely different direction career wise before an accident left me with fractured bits and pieces and ongoing debilitating back pain.
While it stopped me in my tracks on that path, it proved to be one of those significant events or turning points in a young man’s life.

With acupuncture treatment from a practitioner who was to become one of my lecturers, my pain decreased leaving me a changed man.

After 4 years of training in Sydney, I completed an internship at the Red Cross Hospital Hangzhou China and have been practicing as the “unlikely acupuncturist” and herbalist since 1991.

I use acupuncture and Chinese herbs either alone, or in conjunction with modern medicine in an integrated approach to health care.

I have a Masters of Reproductive medicine at UNSW and a particular interest in working with patients with fertility issues.

I have recently worked as a contributing author of the second edition of the Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine: The Treatment of Disease With Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My depth of experience has also allowed me to work as a lecturer, clinical examiner and industry consultant in this time.

With more than 27 years’ experience, you are in good hands

Professional Affiliations:

Registered with the AHPRA – Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine. Registration number: CMR0001731590
Fellow of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association
AACMA State Committee QLD 2000-2002 inclusive.
I have served as a Board member, secretary and vice president of AACMA through 2013-2016

Education :

Masters of Reproductive Medicine U.N.S.W

Ongoing post grad practitioner education as per requirements of my professional association to date.

Graduated Sydney College T.C.M 1991

Some examples:

  • U.N.S.W: Masters of Reproductive Medicine (2019)
  • Gynaecology workshop Brisbane 2001 Jane Lyttleton
  • Damp Heat Seminar Brisbane (Will McLean)
  • Advanced Acupuncture Training Huangzhou China and  Tokyo Japan 1998 from study grant awarded.
  • Masterclass in Classical Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Masakuda Ikeda. 1998
  • Cathay patent herb course 1996-1997 inclusive
  • China herb patent herb course 1995-1996 inclusive
  • Gynaecology workshop (Sydney) 1995
  • Paediatric Workshop Julian Scott (Sydney) 1994
  • Internship Red Cross Hospital Huang Zhou China 1990
  • Sydney College Traditional Chinese Medicine 1990- May 1991
  • Acupuncture Colleges Australia 1987-1989 inclusive