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To assess, using a modelling approach, the effectiveness and costs of breech version with acupuncture-type interventions on BL67 (BVA-T), including moxibustion, compared to expectant management for women with a foetal breech presentation at 33 weeks gestation.

The take home summary: 

Results: The simulated outcomes demonstrated 32% breech presentations after BVA-T versus 53% with expectant management (OR 0.61, 95% CI 0.43, 0.83).

The percentage caesarean section was 37% after BVA-T versus 50% with expectant management 

The results of this decision analysis suggested that for the rectification of a foetus in breech presentation in women at 33 weeks gestation, BVA-T reduced the number of breech presentations at term, the number of caesarean sections, and was less costly when compared to expectant management, including ECV.

The Study
Cost-effectiveness of breech version by acupuncture-type interventions on BL 67, including moxibustion, for women with a breech foetus at 33 weeks gestation: a modelling approach.
Ineke van den Berga et al. (READ THE STUDY)  

As always, these results should be taken cautiously as more rigorous research is always needed…..