Preparing for labour

A weekly session of acupuncture at the end of your pregnancy helps focus your energy on the task to be performed. Midwives tell us that women having treatment have more efficient contractions, their cervix softens and opens smoothly and the pelvic ligaments do not strain.

Labour room statistics show: Acupuncture reduces the length of time women spend in labour, especially women having their first delivery and there is a noticeable reduction in medical intervention, including induction of labour, use of epidural anesthesia and cesarean delivery.

Inducing labour using acupuncture

Acupuncture offers a safe and natural method for inducing labour. Once your baby is ready, an acupuncture treatment can stimulate the changes necessary to trigger the delivery process. Treatment is given while you remain upright or are seated comfortably. Your acupuncturist will assess what may be limiting your delivery and treat you accordingly. Research has shown a success rate of 88 per cent in stimulating labour in overdue mothers.