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Since 1991...

Mark Bayley has been a dedicated practitioner of Acupuncture and herbal medicine since 1991.

My Journey....

As a young man I was busily heading in a completely different direction career wise before an accident left me with fractured bits and pieces and ongoing debilitating back pain...READ MORE

Integrated approach…

As a well-renowned TCM Practitioner with over 34 years of experience, Mark Bayley enjoys being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western medicine, using diagnostic and treatment principles of TCM while embracing the strengths of modern medicine in an integrated approach to your health care.

Quality of life …

It is about your best outcomes and QoL (quality of life measures) which an integrated services approach ensures.

Treatments are tailored to the needs of each patient in a compassionate, no-nonsense manner ensuring they receive the treatment that works best for them.

Masters of reproductive medicine….

With a particular interest in working with fertility challenges, Mark has extended his pre-existing expertise and clinical experience in the natural treatment of infertility, by complementing his Chinese medicine experience with a Masters of Reproductive Medicine (MRM), from one of Australia’s leading research and teaching universities, UNSW.


The MRM is focused on reproductive medico-scientific technology and includes study of reproductive physiology and endocrinology, assisted reproductive technology, reproductive medicine, and psychosocial issues in reproductive health.

This knowledge has given Mark deeper expertise to interpret and advise on diagnosis provided to clients by mainstream fertility medicine and how Chinese medicine / natural fertility protocols can be adapted and used to complement reproductive technology.

Author …..

Mark has also worked as a contributing author of the second edition of the Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine: The Treatment of Disease With Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture needles , moxibustion
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