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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Chinese medicine depression
Mark Bayley Conversations

There is reputedly an extract from the annals of Chinese medicine literature that translates to something like:

" In the beginning, all that was needed was a word to get people back on the righteous path of good heath."

It is also a thing in healthcare and peoples well being generally, that if the patient or person perceives that somebody cares, they will respond favourably to that care/ intervention. (Hawthorne effect)

I will often ask patients / clients how they are feeling.

A very common response is "I think I'm feeling...."

Feelings and emotions can at times be a messy place to hang out, much easier to think about rather than immerse oneself in these and for many, very confronting to talk about or share with others.

Yet paddling about alone overthinking while adrift in what can at times, seem like overwhelming murky seas or standing on the edge of that apparent abyss can lead people to "think" the best or only way to free themselves is to take their own life.

It is a fact that currently in Australia 8.6 people die every day by suicide with the male of our species accounting for 75% of these. (FACTS N FIGURES)

helping hand
Mark Bayley - Chinese medicine depression

It would also seem that said males of our species are typically somewhat reluctant to reach out in times of need so there has been an upswing in initiatives about just that, conversations concerning the elephant in the room, that it is OK to not be OK and OK to reach out for that helping hand.

Conversations can be robust, boring, exhilarating or confronting to name a few, they can also be a life saver.

I have chosen to share one of these initiatives here. It is a charity dedicated to reducing the impact of men's mental health issues.

If you are or know anyone in need there are many resources available. Here's a start:



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