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The effects of acupuncture on pregnancy outcomes of IVF with embryo transfer:

Updated: Feb 5

An interdisciplinary systematic review

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In recent years, although some new and interdisciplinary interventions have been developed, the average success rates per IVF cycle remain low, and progress in developing safe and effective therapies has been limited.

Consequently, many infertile women then asked help to complementary and alternative medical treatments, among which acupuncture is a frequently used adjunctive therapy.

The big question, does it help??

The present methodical review is designed to summarise evidence concerning the therapeutic effect of acupuncture on IVF outcomes during the administration of are the findings:

Effects on IVF outcomes Clinical pregnancy outcome (CPO) was available from all the 31 articles totalling 4450 women, with live birth outcome available from 11 trials.

The breakdown goes like this:

20 trials (n = 2689 women) found that acupuncture can significantly improve the clinical pregnancy rate (CPR).

9 trials (n = 1541) found that acupuncture had no significant effect on CPO when comparing with the control.

8 trials (n = 1437) found that acupuncture can significantly improve the live birth rate (LBR).

1 trial (n = 66) found that acupuncture had no significant effect on LBR.

2 trials (n = 220) found that acupuncture had a negative effect on both CPR and LBR.

Other IVF outcomes were available from some of these 31 trials. Details can be found by following the link at the bottom of this read.

Conclusion This system review indicated that acupuncture appears to be beneficial to women with poor ovarian reserve or with previous unsuccessful attempts of IVF-ET.

Keep in mind, this is one review. Research and findings in clinical outcomes is ongoing.

The full article can be accessed by clicking on the image below.

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