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Menopause ...a constellation of symptoms not just hot sweats....

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

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Following on from my Vaginal dryness blog:

Lack of clinician knowledge, poor access to services, negative attitudes, and lagging research have led to substandard menopause‐related health care.

Menopausal women have been underserved in Australia, and many struggle to access appropriate assessment and treatment. This is due to a combination of lack of education of health professionals and poor access to appropriate services that urgently needs to be addressed.

Concurrently, Australian women rely on self‐help and complementary and alternative medicines to manage menopausal symptoms, as they view MHT negatively, with concerns about cancer risk and overprescription.

Currently only around 15% of women experiencing menopause are prescribed HT.

I am one that prescribes "complimentary and alternative medicines". For women who choose to or cannot use hormone therapy, practitioners like myself are often the first point of contact. I am the first to say they work well for some, though like all treatment options they may not be the best option for others and their quality of life. If this is the path you choose, again choose a well educated one so that you can make a well informed decision.

So many mixed messages and conflicting information available ....what should I do??

First up, DO NOT rely on hearsay or some new fancy overpriced supplement promoted by a self serving, undereducated dim wit.

Consult with an educated practitioner be that one like myself or your GP, whichever is your choice, just seek EDUCATED guidance.

Education is key to improving the lives of women at menopause and beyond. This can be achieved with public information campaigns, improved sexual and reproductive health education and accurate information in the media as much of this lack of understanding around unexpected symptoms relates to a lack of awareness and education. "It goes back to primary and secondary school, and more broadly, these issues are not often talked about in society."

Make a cuppa or get comfy on the bus and have a read .....just click on the images:

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